"I started following Corinna on Instagram over a year ago, and have loved her content since. Genuine kindness and compassion is present in each post, potion, reading and word. I've read tarot for friends over the years, and have been waiting to receive a reading from the right person- I'm thankful I found Corinna as that person. Her warmth made me feel comfortable and at ease. Her reading was thorough and informative- a clear reflection of common themes in my life, and as we talked, I felt safe enough to be open with her- something I find to be an incredibly important part of tarot. I will absolutely get another reading done by no one else but her, and I'm very much looking forward to it already." - grace cat

“Corinna has a very unique energy that comes through in her readings. She is incredibly intelligent, ethical, caring, and *magical*. Every interaction I have had with her has left me with deeper clarity and a more peaceful perspective. She is amazing.” - jenna sexton

Corinna is the real deal! She is down to earth, wise, and coming at this work from an intersectional & social justice oriented lens. My astrology & 8 card tarot reading with her was deeply insightful and approachable. I was very impressed with Corinna's ability to illustrate the answer to the question(s) being asked. She brings a vast amount of knowledge to the reading and relays that in a way that is readily understandable. She was able to see the dynamics of my chart and provide me context for what I have been feeling and experiencing for some time. This information coupled with the 8 card reading really helped bring me back into awareness and acceptance of my present circumstances. She also offered guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the process. This piece really strengthened me and I am integrating this reading into action over the next few months. I highly recommend booking this offering!! Support the Risen Witch!!” - maureen butner

“Corinna is insightful, intuitive and inspiring! This reading helped me to look deeply into my self and the choices I have laid out in front of me. Corinna was honest, thoughtful and thorough, and she gave me a lot of great ideas for rituals and practices that will help get me through this challenging and changing time in my life. I have new clarity on how to live my life and follow the path that I'm on using the planets and energies as my guides.” - Adder Tongue