Client & Student Testimonials

"Finding community with Corinna has been a true gift, the rewards of which are still unfolding and revealing themselves to me. I am confident that there is still much to come - the gift that keeps on giving, if you will. Corinna has a way of commanding material without being pretentious nor dogmatic. Their brilliant critical analysis and encouragement to dive further within reveals that we are our own teachers. The guidance and support that I have received and have been blessed with by being a student and client of Corinna has fulfilled many voids that had been hindering my own growth and healing. Corinna is a warm, gentle, guiding hand in this dumpsterfire of chaos that we are navigating and they continue to learn alongside their students, just as they continue to teach."

-Emily Gutierrez, Former Tarot Student & Peer Mentor, Tarot Client

“Since the spring of 2019, I have been meeting up with Corinna for quarterly, one-hour tarot readings to help me ground into where I am and get clear about the invitations available in the season ahead. I am also a long-time fan of her apothecary creations and a Patreon supporter. On a larger level, I love supporting Corinna’s work because I believe in the integrity of her collective vision, her transparent, ethical business frameworks, and her capacity to teach and hold space for a lot of different people. On a personal level, I seek Corinna’s counsel because she is a highly skilled intuitive tarot reader who is direct, honest, and shares skillful counsel. I trust her relationship to her decks, which is crucial for me as a fellow reader. And after every reading, I always walk away with potent medicine and wisdom to help me both internally and out in the world. I highly recommend Corinna to anyone desiring cards you can trust."

-Britten LaRue, Tarot Client

"The way Corinna teaches spell work and herbalism left me feeling empowered. This mentorship teaches you that you can create so much magic and medicine just with the things you already have in your home, or that you can easily grow. I appreciate that Corinna also spoke about herbalism as mutual aid, which gave me more tools to support my community. I have such a deeper love and connection to the plant world around me after this mentorship. I'm so appreciative of this mentorship and of Corinna's amazing support."

-Rae Fagin, former Plant Witch Mentorship Circle participant

"So grateful to have taken this course with Corinna! The course was so engaging & Corinna explained tarot in ways that I had never thought about before, while also encouraging us to use our own intuition. The anti-oppression and liberatory framework from which the entire course was taught really deepened my understanding of how concepts from tarot can be seen through this lens. I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone who has an interest in tarot as it is truly an invaluable course to expand your knowledge."

-Christine Rose

"I really appreciate the insight that Corinna gave me. I have gotten readings from other intuitives before and I have left feeling like they were overly positive and just telling me what I wanted to hear, but that was certainly not the case here. Corinna is straight forward and honest and I can really appreciate that."

-Halina North, Tarot Client

"Participating in Corinna’s mentorship course offered me the encouragement and community support I needed to grow and deepen my plant witch practice. Connecting with a small group of like-minded witches each week during the beginning of the COVID pandemic was truly a blessing. Corinna is a compassionate and honest facilitator who always made me feel seen and heard during our four months together. I highly recommend this mentorship course to anyone who resonates with Corinna’s work and wants to deepen their own plant practice."

- Rachel Beyer, former Plant Witch Mentorship Circle participant

"I started following Corinna on Instagram over a year ago, and have loved her content since. Genuine kindness and compassion is present in each post, potion, reading and word. I've read tarot for friends over the years, and have been waiting to receive a reading from the right person- I'm thankful I found Corinna as that person. Her warmth made me feel comfortable and at ease. Her reading was thorough and informative- a clear reflection of common themes in my life, and as we talked, I felt safe enough to be open with her- something I find to be an incredibly important part of tarot. I will absolutely get another reading done by no one else but her, and I'm very much looking forward to it already."

- Grace Cat, Tarot Client

"I LOVED this class and just shared about it the other day. The quick, easy, digestible sessions made it so accessible. Your perspective on the cards is so fun and brought new insight to my readings. I have more confidence when reading and that has been absolutely brilliant. What you bring regarding the acknowledgment of all people is  incredible. I also enjoyed the assignments from the advanced class students. They were so unexpected, I never had an experience like that. Clearly you’ve made a customer for life."

-Marisol Ybarra of, former Tarot Student

"I have had such good experiences working with Corinna Rosella of RiseUp Good Witch!  My first encounter was a 3 card tarot reading, and in 20 minutes they were able to get to heart of my struggle and provide some much needed perspective. I walked away feeling really seen! Corinna's straight forward, honest style led me to investigate their other offerings, and I'm so glad I did.
So far I have participated in their Plant Witch Mentorship, which is still bearing fruit for me months after the class has ended, and their Tarot School for Liberation. Both experiences were honestly a a balm to my soul in trying times. In the very safe and yet open container that Corinna created for her students, I felt encouraged to push myself beyond my comfort zone, yet not pressured. I was able to rise to meet the expectations of both courses without trauma, and as someone who has had trauma in their education, this was really invaluable to me. I learned a lot, but was also able to share my own previously gained knowledge and experience comfortably.  I really appreciated that we were given space to do our own investigations into these topics, read on our own and research at our own pace, and bring that to class each week with our observations and questions.  Corinna creates a respectful environment, and yet it's also lively and not without a sense of humor, which is essential in these times! Their teaching style is very free flowing, but they are coming from what is obviously a lot of experience and understanding of the topics, which is very helpful, because it was always informative without being dry or clinical. They also really encourage and foster student connections outside of class, and this was so helpful, especially if you're feeling shy about sharing in the big group. "

-Amy Rubino, Tarot Client & former participant in the Plant Witch Mentorship Circle & Tarot School for Liberation

"I've been studying tarot informally for several years. I have loved Corinna's outspoken voice against white privilege & appropriation in the tarot/witch community and have been wanting to learn as part of a class rather than on my own. When enrollment opened for their Tarot Summer School I was excited to join and the class did not disappoint. The structure of Corinna's class helped me to draw connections between the cards and tap into my own intuition rather than approach tarot from the learned archetypes I had memorized. Class was the highlight of my week every week.
Tarot's popularity has meant that there are a lot of surface-level, highly-grammable teachers.Corinna facilitated thoughtful discussions, created a safe space for a deeper dive into tarot's role in dismantling oppressive structures. Their expansive knowledge of tarot coupled with the thoughtful organization of class meant that tarot class wasn't a frivolous break from my work with organizers, but a grounding and reinforcement of the work. I'm so glad I invested the time and resources into being a part of this class."

- Rachel Hays, former Tarot Student & owner of Taxonomy Press

Corinna is the real deal! She is down to earth, wise, and coming at this work from an intersectional & social justice oriented lens. My astrology & 8 card tarot reading with her was deeply insightful and approachable. I was very impressed with Corinna's ability to illustrate the answer to the question(s) being asked. She brings a vast amount of knowledge to the reading and relays that in a way that is readily understandable. She was able to see the dynamics of my chart and provide me context for what I have been feeling and experiencing for some time. This information coupled with the 8 card reading really helped bring me back into awareness and acceptance of my present circumstances. She also offered guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the process. This piece really strengthened me and I am integrating this reading into action over the next few months. I highly recommend booking this offering!! ”

- Maureen Butner, Tarot Client
The Tarot Doula

“Corinna is insightful, intuitive and inspiring! This reading helped me to look deeply into my self and the choices I have laid out in front of me. Corinna was honest, thoughtful and thorough, and she gave me a lot of great ideas for rituals and practices that will help get me through this challenging and changing time in my life. I have new clarity on how to live my life and follow the path that I'm on using the planets and energies as my guides.”

- Adder Tongue, Tarot Client

Tarot School for Liberation was SO jam-packed with valuable information and viewpoints. I signed up for Tarot School for Liberation and took the early 2021 class and am super pleased I did. Corinna stresses the idea that there are no "bad cards" but evolved and unevolved versions of each (death to binaries) and works within a trauma informed framework of anti-capitalism, gender non-essentialism, abolition, and transformative justice with a focus on the importance of mutual aid and community. Tarot is an old artform/practice for sure but we're living NOW and the way we read should reflect that. Corinna teaches in this way and tethers the themes and archetypes in tarot into our modern earthly plane. They make it embodied and real. And the people in this class were fun and engaging! We were all coming from various backgrounds/levels of study and all had something to teach each other.I would definitely recommend this class to anyone just starting out their journey with tarot as well as any seasoned readers who want to learn a liberatory framework for their practice. Thank you Corinna for teaching us!

-Stevie Leigh, former Tarot School for Liberation student