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This class utilizes an anti-capitalist, trauma-informed & abolitionist framework for looking at tarot as a tool for healing, and personal & collective liberation. Each class will be part lecture, part break out group work & part discussion as we explore how to utilize and integrate our unique experiences and visions into working with the cards, while acknowledging the violence of hierarchical systems in our current world and acknowledging constructs of race, class & gender how they block us from healing on individual and institutional levels. Students should be open to radical ideas, be willing to acknowledge privilege as it exists under white supremacy & colonialism, and be open to learning and supporting one another through this work.

This class is open to all levels, but it is recommended that you have some basic knowledge of the tarot before joining. Folks with extensive reading and interpretation skills looking to expand their practice and connect with others may apply to be a part of the advanced class even if they haven’t taken this course.

Participants will:
-gather together for 6 weeks on zoom for a combined 8 hours of lectures, discussion and peer collaboration on the major arcana & the four suits of minor arcana.
-be assigned one major arcana card to go in depth with.
- complete 1-2 hours of self study, self practice & ritual with individual cards & suits each week
- learn basic herbal and astrological correspondences for cards & how to work with them elementally
- have a chance to work with other participants on constructing stories & opening intuitive channels in break out groups

Week One: Introductions, guidelines, history and ethics of magical and divination work / one card draw (1.5 hours)

Week Two: Major Arcana: Exploring the archetypes & their journey from 0 - 21 as tools for growth in times of change (1.5 hours)

Week Three: The Suit of Wands: Fire magic, Ambition, Creativity and getting out of our own way (1.5 hours)

Week Four: The Suit of Swords: Air energy, Intellect, Ego and constructing visionary worlds (1.5 hours)

Week Five: The Suit of Cups: Water magic, Love, Solidarity, and our hidden emotional worlds (1.5 hours)

Week Six: The Suit of Pentacles: Earth magic, Grounding, Manifestation and making our dreams a reality (1.5 hours)

The sessions starting May 2021 will also have a few study/practice sessions led by former tarot students & peer mentors!


SUNDAYS at 11am PST - (5/23 , 5/30 , 6/6 , 6/13 , 6/20, 6/28)

TUESDAYS at 5:30pm PST (5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29)

LIMIT 22 PEOPLE PER CLASS- this is so each student can be assigned a major arcana card to work with. If you cannot make each live meeting, a video of the lecture portion will be sent to you afterwards, but participation is highly encouraged so you can participate in the group work portion.

No experience necessary- this class is open to seasoned tarot readers looking to expand their analysis, and newbies ready to dive in!

Recommended Reading list:

Truly Easy Tarot, Mantis (@mantistarot)On Craft and Practice Workbook (@lisesilva)The Secret Language of the Tarot, Wald & Ruthanne Amberstone

Accessibility needs: All participants with accessibility needs can contact Corinna directly with questions at therisenwitch@gmail.com . Classes combine live discussion, lecture & powerpoint & hands on activity to make room for a wide range of learning styles. It’s encouraged for you to keep your camera on during class but not required. The only time you’ll be asked to speak in class is during introductions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with other accessibility needs- my overall goal is for this to be a safe, enriching and fun experience so please help me create that for you.

Payment plans & Scholarships:


Scholarships (free & pay what you can spots) are available to black & indigenous people of color- with preference going towards queer/trans folks, undocumented folks, sex workers, and community organizers & activists that can take this work to their communities. I’m offering up to 5 spots per class- please email for the scholarship form. Scholarship recipients will be notified by May 15th if you are chosen to receive a partial or full scholarship.


Divination and magic are important tools to move us towards more equitable and visionary futures, but this doesn’t happen without wealth & resource redistribution from white settlers & others benefiting from institutional privilege. A portion of profits from this course will go towards grassroots movements & mutual aid supporting the liberation of black &  indigenous folks, including the Romani, who are the only known population who has faced persecution for using tarot as a divination tool.

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