hi all! thanks for your interest in TAROT SCHOOL FOR LIBERATION! As part of my practice of accessibility, ethical witchcraft & a commitment to reparations, I offer about 15% of the spots in my class at free & discounted rates to BIPOC who would otherwise not be able to pay for the full cost. Preference goes to queer/trans folks, disabled folks, sex workers, undocumented folks & activists/community organizers. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability- incomplete applications will not be considered. I will get back to you about the availability of scholarships between May 5th & May 14th.

What are your pronouns?
Please tell me about yourself and how you identify
Why are you interested in Tarot School for Liberation & how do you think it could benefit you?
Which session are you interested in, and do you feel you'd be able to make the commitment to attend all classes?
The exchange I'm asking for being a part of this class is $333, I am offering 3 completely free spots and 5 spots at a discounted rate. What are you able to pay for the course?
Thank you! Your submission has been received! If you are chosen for a scholarship, you'll hear back from me before May 14th!
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