TAROT SCHOOL for LIBERATION is opening up an advanced course for returning students looking to expand their work with the cards! This class consists of 6 classes of 2 hours each, and are part lecture and part group work. The advanced class will include more group work than the original class, & more specific homework assignments and work outside of class. If you want to sign up for the advanced class, but weren’t in Tarot Summer School or Tarot School for Liberation, please email me before registering!‍

Students interested should be invested in attending class each week (some recordings will be available, but this class is much more hands on so it is highly encouraged to not miss a session) & be willing, able, and most of all, EXCITED about spending an additional 3-4 hours each week in their own practice and group work outside of class. This class will take a deep dive into building on intuition, connecting with guides, acting as a channel/vessel in receiving messages, further deconstructing gender stereotypes in the cards, the importance of court cards, numerology and sequencing, & further explore how tarot archetypes fit into not just our narratives, but current times. In sessions 2, 3 & 5 we will primarily be working hands on with different spreads & practicing them in break out groups- so students should definitely attend these sessions since recordings may not be available.

All students will be sent a custom TAROT LIBERATION flower essence before the start of the class!  I will ship internationally when able- if you are abroad and have more questions please email. ‍

Session #1 (3/21): Introductions, Channeling, Opening a circle, Elemental magic, Working with guides, & Emotional Resonance.‍

Session #2 (3/28): Numerology of tarot & using numbers to build pathway & associations. 

‍Session #3 (4/4): Contrasting, Sequencing, Layering cards

Session #4 (4/11) Court cards as guides & embodiment‍Session #5 (2/14) Working with larger spreads‍

Session #6 (4/18) Starting or Building on your Tarot Business, Q&A, review.‍

Accessibility needs: All participants with accessibility needs can contact Corinna directly with questions at . Classes combine live discussion, lecture & powerpoint & hands on activity to make room for a wide range of learning styles. It’s encouraged for you to keep your camera on during class but not required. The only time you’ll be asked to speak in class is during introductions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with other accessibility needs- my overall goal is for this to be a safe, enriching and fun experience so please help me create that for you. ‍

Payment plans, Work Study & Scholarships: WORK TRADE IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS SESSION. 3 HALF PRICED SPACES ARE AVAILABLE TO RETURNING STUDENTS WHO COULD OTHERWISE NOT ATTEND, STRONG PREFERENCE TOWARDS BIPOC! ‍Email for more info. Payment plans are open to all who would benefit, although if you are able to pay upfront this is strongly preferred. If you are interested in signing up for a payment plan, please contact me before March 1st to set it up. ‍A few PWYC (pay what you can) spots are available for returning students only. Strong preference goes to black & indigenous people of color. Work trade is also available for returning students looking to deepen their skills & act as peer mentors to new Tarot School for Liberation students! Strong preference goes to black & indigenous people of color and/or students who would not otherwise be able to afford the class. To learn more about any of these opportunities, please email


 ‍Reparations: Divination and magic are important tools to more us towards more equitable and visionary futures, but this doesn’t happen without wealth & resource redistribution from white settlers & others benefiting from institutional privilege. A portion of profits from this course will go towards grassroots movements & mutual aid supporting the liberation of black & indigenous folks, including the Romani, who are the only known population who has faced persecution for using tarot as a divination tool. 

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