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YOU ARE PROTECTED: ROSE ELIXIR is an herbal extraction for heart centered boundaries & nerve soothing sense of safety & protection made primarily with rose petals. This formula is created using roses from my family garden, along with a bit of garden grown mugwort, motherwort and hi-desert juniper berries for their energetic protection energy. Extracted in brandy, vegetable glycerin and honey, this sweet, strong and slightly bitter formula can be taken in small doses (1-3 drops) for energetic support, or larger doses (20-30 drops) for nerve and anxiety support. Essences of golden yarrow and a black tourmaline gem essence made during a mojave sunset on a disseminating moon for extra protection magic. Roses are known as heart and nerve support allies and often used in both love and protection spells- the rose in this formula works to keep our hearts soft and open while staying protected.
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