Rise up! Good Plant Witches Winter Solstice zine

$ 15.00 USD
The bi-annual solstice collaborative zine is part of the Plant Witch Mentorship Circle- this massive booklet is 8.5 x 11 and 28 pages of deep shares, rituals, reflections on working with plants and essences for resilience in these times. Including: Transmutation by Joanna Warren Scorpio's Protect Yo'self Spell by Ying Yang A Word on Harmony by Kelsey Georgesen The Essence of Everything: An Anti Capitalist Non-Shopping Guide to Connection by Amy Rubino Meditative Spell for Hard Truths by Kiki The Path to Radical Acceptance by Jessica Gagnier Come Back to Plants by Rae Fagin Desert Willow as an Ally for Eco Grief by Corinna Rosella Staying Sober (& Sane) in Trying Times by Rachel Tenniswood Limited print run so order soon if you want one- this zine is available to monthly subscribers on patreon who pledge $7 or more per month!
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