queens don't burn out essence blend

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Queens Don't Burn Out calls about the archetype of the queens in the tarot- a space holder and nurturer who by definition cannot burn out, because they are held and supported by their communities. First created as a psychic awakener for boundaries and understanding our intuition vs. our traumas for Tarot School for Liberation (advanced/second session) - the feedback received about this essence inspired me to release it as an offering in my shop! made with motherwort elixir (motherwort extracted in brandy and honey) and essences of yarrow, ocotillo, mugwort and angelica (from sister spinster apothecary) take 1-3 drops daily or in ritual for helping to understand our own psychic abilities, for separating our traumas and self limiting believes from our inner knowing and astral guidance. although flower essences are energetic formulas where 'less is more' in terms of dose, usage of this formula is not recommended for pregnant or nursing people
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