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Queen of Wands- a movement forward that hasn’t been seen before, a healing that takes place in times of destruction, a deep inner knowing, an ancestral way of holding space- the Queen of Wands is the unknown, a magical balance between fire and water. This queen shatters and dismantles old ways of being. A true energy of magical space holding & coming in to oneself after destruction, loss and grief. made with a base of red rose petals, mugwort, chamomile and vanilla beans extracted in vegetable glycerin and brandy (about 80% vegetable glycerin, 20% brandy) with essences of angelica, angels trumpet, angel aura quartz, beavertail cactus, and a potent obsidian full moon in pisces essence made in deep ritual. the combination of these herbs and essences is to invoke a sense of connection with the underworld, while tapping into our true intuitive gifts and abilities. harnessing a light where one may only have access to darkness. a road opener; a road forward. take 1-3 drops daily for an energetic connection to the deepest unknown and unseen, take standard dosage of 1ml (30 drops/one dropper full) for dream work & rest NOTE: there was an error on the label- it is 1oz and 30ml not 15ml!
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