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Knight of Pentacles- a tarot archetype of steadfastness, resilience, agency and groundness connection to the earth- is an archetype that has called to me many times over 2020 as the way forward in turbulent times. So I constructed this potion in it’s image. The elemental energies of this card- air and earth, a connection to saturn & mercury in astrology, made me think of embodying a groundness and sense of clarity in times which are so uncertain. a delicious syrupy potion made with fresh holy basil, red rose petals, reishi powder, honeysuckle and cinnamon extracted in glycerite, this alcohol free blend is here to help us remain on our path, stay strong and grounded in our bodies and fight the blues. Can be taken daily- 30 drops once or twice per day- as a supplement for stamina and a clear head- or energetically only a few drops to connect with the archetype. NOTE: there was an error on the label- it is 1oz and 30ml not 15ml!
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