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KICK JUICE is a folk remedy and support for people who are trying to detox from opiates- stock is very limited so please only buy this project if you or someone you love is detoxing off of prescription opiates or heroin. made with california poppy leaf & root, milky oats, vitex, yarrow, ginger, oatstraw, honeysuckle, passionflower, skullcap, valerian & chamomile flower essence extracted in vodka, vegetable glycerin & distilled water- this blend of stress adapting & detoxing herbs along with vitex, which has been studied for its potential ability to block opiate receptors. For someone detoxing, take one dropper full up to once per hour when beginning usage, with the intention to slowly taper off over time. this product is not approved by the FDA - use with caution or limit use if pregnant or nursing.
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