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GROUND DOWN TO RISE UP was made for these times- often in times of stress and uncertainty we can find ourselves in daydream world disconnected from our bodies. Stress and anxiety can make accomplishing daily tasks overwhelming when we do not feel connected to our bodies. GROUND DOWN TO RISE UP is for witches, activists, community organizers and trauma survivors who have trouble connecting to their power centers. This extraction of carminatives for digestive support of peppermint, lavender, fennel and dandelion root in equal parts vegetable glycerin, vodka and distilled water is further sweetened with heart holding rose and hawthorn flower and leaf in vegetable glycerin. A few drops of tansy essence helps us feel focused and steadfast in our energy. a little goes a long way- take 5-10 drops as needed in water or straight for connecting the body and the mind to the outside world. 10% of profits from the sale of this product will go to a BIPOC led grassroots group each month & help to fund donations of herbal medicine to BIPOC community members
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