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DREAMS OF REVOLUTION- an oxymel for getting through pandemic times. made with 100% garden grown herbs & hand picked & freeze dried blueberries. An alcohol free herbal potion for your sparkling water or to take straight- created in ritual over a series of early morning harvests, with the intention of bringing us back into our bodies and back to the earth. it’s also a potion for revolution because its sales directly support mutual aid organizing in the desert, care pacakges to BIPOC organizers and herbal harm reduction for drug users. In addition, 10% of profits go to black led abolitionist groups each month. made with blueberries, rose petals, honeysuckle, apple mint, chamomile, mugwort and strawberry flower essence, which helps us to find joy and acceptance in difficult situations. all fresh herbs and berries were infused in raw apple cider vinegar and local wildflower honey. take 1-3 drops for an array of energetic spirit guides and support, take a larger dose (10-20 drops) for relaxation and calm the nerves. For dream work, take up to 3 times per day, nearing time for sleep.
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