chaparral & rose healing essence

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chaparral flowers are tiny yellow stars which grow on creosote bushes in the mojave desert in springtime. This plant has deep roots and a long history; some of them are said to be the oldest living plants in the world, known as 'king creosote' in so-called johnson valley, california. Creosote teaches us about resilience, a deep knowing, and helps to uncover trauma which blocks us from our intuition and psychic knowing. Take chaparal essence to open psychic pathways and bring awareness to your own patterns built and maintained by trauma. since Chaparral can be a deep awakener, I added a rose glycerite to this essence blend to bring in self love and acceptance when navigating these intuitive waters. The essence is preserved in brandy. Take 1-2 drops in ritual and meditation to connect with this energy. Flower essence are energetic imprints of flowers we can safely consume.
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