rise up! good witch: self care as resistance

self care is magic, resistance is power: using tarot, herbalism, planetary transits and self care to foster resilience in toxic capitalism. interviews with healers and activists.

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ep67: a collective spell for 2021 with former guests

January 1, 2021

ep66: reflections on an emperor year [part 2] with mary evans

December 20, 2020

ep65 reflections on an emperor year [part 1] corinna reflects on their tower year

December 13, 2020

ep60: accessible healing, mutual aid & fighting gentrification with brujitx del barrio

November 23, 2020

ep59: plant person origin stories with Blanca, Kara and Iruka

November 9, 2020

ep63: capricorn witches in academia & tarot, appropriation of hoodoo, plant magic journeys with keon

October 11, 2020

ep62: plant person origin stories #4 with jamesa, jade and sara

September 23, 2020

ep61: tarot as a tool for liberation: a conversation with sanyu estelle

September 7, 2020

ep58: queer mutant magic with edgar fabian frias

July 23, 2020

ep57: plant person origin stories with edith, atalanta & gerard

July 2, 2020

ep56: cristy road on next world tarot & punk rock histories

June 21, 2020

ep55: reflections on building a movement towards abolition

June 12, 2020

ep54: jonah emerson bell talks addiction and recovery with tarot/astrology

May 25, 2020

ep53: plant person origin stories part 1

May 18, 2020

ep52: mckensie mack on boundaries - individually, interpersonally, institutionally

May 2, 2020

ep51: solidarity apothecary & providing herbal support for prisoners and refugees

April 23, 2020

ep50: akashic records from a decolonial perspective + queer ancestors with Leah Garza & Jaison Perez

April 11, 2020

ep49: kitchen herbalism for prevention with Renee Camila & Samatha Ray Roberts

April 4, 2020

ep48: tarot as a tool for grief with sanyu estelle

March 28, 2020

ep47: eri guajardo johnson talks birth work as decolonial liberation

March 20, 2020

ep46: eliza swann, founder of the golden dome school talks tarot, witchcraft, and ethics

March 1, 2020

ep45: Working witches under neoliberal capitalism- an audio diary

February 15, 2020

ep44: levi of mstea botanica talks queer ancestors, plant medicine ethics and essence making

February 2, 2020

ep43: loba shares about urban gardening, queer identity, & accomplices over allies

January 19, 2020

ep42: reclaiming the emperor archetype in 2020 with mary evans

January 7, 2020

ep41: leftist astrologer and writer alice sparkly kat talks pluto, saturn and jupiter in capricorn

December 10, 2019

ep39: grief & resilience in times of climate collapse and mass extinction with rachael alaia

November 9, 2019

ep38: pluto, ego death, and tarot storytelling with core black, mantis and angela mary magick

October 29, 2019

ep37: prison abolition, bail funds & folk herbalism with nikki of chicory zine

October 14, 2019

ep.36 marisa de la pena of circo tarot & the not your ancestors workbook

September 30, 2019

ep35: tarot storytelling with claire burgess, diana rose & sarah gottessdiener

September 16, 2019

ep34: creating magical and ethically sourced garments with rachel blodgett of serpent and bow

September 3, 2019

ep33: witchcraft for the collective remembrance with the living altar

August 20, 2019

ep32: depression, anxiety, working with the devil card part 2

August 6, 2019

ep31: healing & a decolonization movement with pilar mejia

July 29, 2019

ep30. tarot storytelling with ify akiti, genaviv rose and sanye estelle

July 16, 2019

ep29: banana talks self healing from endometriosis & chronic pain, eclipse season survival

July 7, 2019

ep28: from punk and activism to healing with plants with herbalist Bonnie Rose Weaver

June 25, 2019

ep27: tarot storytelling with saint chiron, rai gonzalez, and amanda yates garcia

June 11, 2019

Ep26: reproductive health, abortion and the womb care continuum with samantha zipporah

May 27, 2019

ep.25 full moon energy, erin aquarian on using a trauma informed approach in tarot

May 15, 2019

ep23: tarot storytelling with casey wait, mary evans and liliana perez

April 18, 2019

Ep22: anti-capitalist witchcraft, working with the devil card

March 20, 2019

ep21: intersectional feminism, social media activism & youth movements with em odesser

March 5, 2019

ep20. herbal harm reduction with the eureka community herbal self care clinic

February 19, 2019

ep19: marisa de la peña from circo tarot talks cultural appropriation in tarot & healing work

February 1, 2019

ep18: the five of wands

January 22, 2019

ep17: maybe you manifested it, maybe it's the high priestess

December 21, 2018

ep16: anti-oppression herbalism

December 6, 2018

ep15: decolonizing gratitude, tarot storytelling pt.5

November 22, 2018

BONUS EPISODE: outtakes with the arcata coven

November 12, 2018

ep14: direct action witchcraft with the arcata coven

November 8, 2018

ep13: cultural appropriation, protection spells, & non hierarchal yoga with annie

October 25, 2018

ep12: mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living; tarot storytelling

October 13, 2018

ep11: community herbalism, harm reduction, herbal CSAs with wild and wise

August 26, 2018

ep10: corinna talks about her tarot reading methodology; segment 3 of tarot storytelling

August 9, 2018

ep64: plant person origin stories with catherine feliz, brunem warshaw, & liz migliorelli

October 28, 1010

ep24: queer poc art & neptune with amal amer of the diaspora babes podcast

ep68: rochelle of brown bruha on grief as a catalyst for growth, ancestral connection and becoming a full time witch