plant witch mentorship circle

Spring 2021 // March 13th - June 21st, 2021

The spring mentorship is full- but stayed tuned for the fall circle- applications will open again in august!

The plant witch mentorship is a small program designed for 6-8 witches interested in folk herbalism, using plants for ritual, astrology, moon cycles, workshop facilitation, writing, tarot, and more to expand their skills and find a supportive community while working on collaborative projects. The goal is to be able to utilize witchcraft skills mentioned above and combine and integrate them into your current work and practice. Participants will be self motivated, goal oriented, and contain a commitment to integrating anti-racist & anti-oppression frameworks into their spiritual practice.

Beginning on new moon in September and with the final project zine wrapping up around winter solstice, this course is self-directed and self-motivated and completion will rely on the apprentices ability to dig deep on their own process. I will be here to support you through this, through regular emails and tutorials, 3 monthly group chats/lectures and one monthly new moon workshop, co-facilitated by students.

Participants will begin by setting one goal or identifying one project or goal for the duration of the mentorship. Participants will ask for support in seeing this project through from Corinna and from the other participants. Past participants focused on developing their apothecary, beginning a professional tarot practice, and starting a blog.  

Course includes:

  • An average of 4-5 hours of work each week, depending on the week & the goals you set. “You get out of it what you put into it
  • An  exploration of full moon, new moon & elemental magic rituals
  • Participation in three new moon workshops
  • Content creation & facilitation of one new moon workshop
  • 10 live group chats / topical lectures to ask questions and discuss material with instructor + other participants
  • Creation of at least two folk herbalist preparations (tincture based in alcohol or glycerin, flower essence and oxymel)
  • Participation in a flower essence case study
  • Written submission in collective plant witch zine (see last classes creationhere)

CLASSES WILL BE HELD ON ZOOM 3 MONDAYS PER MONTH at 6PM PST - please plan to attend most, if not all. Recordings will be available to those who can’t make it. Meetings will generally be 90 minutes depending on the material that week.

Schedule of meetings are as follows:

March 22nd - Introductions, Ethics and Boundaries in Witchcraft

March 29th - Working with the elements / full moon energy / group full moon ritual

April 5th -  Introduction to folk herbalism & medicine making (part 1)

April 19th - Introduction to folk herbalism & medicine making (part 2)

April 26th - Flower, gem & essence making (part 1)

May 3rd- Spell work (protection, love, manifestation, abundance)

May 17th - Witchcraft & Herbalism for collective liberation, mutual aid, and justice

May 24th- Flower, gem & essence making (part 2)

May 31st - Tarot for liberation - astroherbology & elemental magic

June 7th- Review & final project discussion

Workshops- this course spans across 4 new moons, and during each myself & two students will create material for a workshop for each other & open to registration from others in our communities. Exact dates of workshops will be announced & decided upon in the first weeks of the course.

March 13th - New Moon in Pisces (will be facilitated by Corinna as an introduction)

April 11th- New Moon in Aries

May 11th - New Moon in Taurus

June 10th- New Moon in Gemini

Participants should:

be committed to working together for the full 4 months

have an interest in making herbal medicine

have the ability and desire to share their experiences through writing, photography and/or art

a willingness to collaborate and support others

a commitment to being anti-racist, gender-inclusive and avoiding cultural appropriation in their work

an interest in mutual aid and social justice in the context of herbalism and witchcraft

Cost / Exchange

The cost to be a part of this intensive circle is one payment of $600 or 3 monthly payments of $222 - once you are accepted into the circle you'll also be asked to join the patreon at the $11 monthly level so that you can engage and participate in the content there. Many participants also choose to make their own formulas (which is highly encouraged!) during the duration of the course, so that is an assocaited added cost, as well as purchasing recommended reading materials.

My asking price for this class is much, much lower than many similar programs, that is because a) i want to make this space more accessible to folks without access to lots of wealth b) the price is subsidized because some of the content we create (including the final paper zine) will be available to current and incoming patrons.

The cost is also lower than standard because this class is not about turning a big profit for myself as a facilitator- instead it is with an understanding that participants will continue a tradition of creating medicine and magic with mutual aid, collective liberation and commitment to dismantling systems of oppression in their work.

Interested in being a part of the circle?

The first step is booking a free 15 minute consultation so we can talk more and get to know each other! Consults open February 1st. If you know that you will be interested in applying, it is highly recommended that you join the patreonand check out some of the past work of the fall plant witch mentorship circle- all live videos are available at the $10 level!