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you are protected // rose elixir

you are protected // rose elixir


rose has medicinal qualities- it promotes good mood and lessens anxiety, improves digestion, regulates kidney function, and works as an aphrodisiac. but this rose medicine also has been made with the intention of self love and protection - it even sat on the altar during a protection spell workshop!

roses teach us to open our hearts and love ourselves and one another, it helps us to grieve and let go, but the rose has strong boundaries due to her thorns. this wild rose has been infused with brandy for two months- its medicinal properties are potent- and then mixed with a glyercite infused with rosemary, juniper berry and mugwort.

together these herbs work medicinally for mood, healthy sleep, intuitive, and supporting the urinary track, but they also are a powerful medicine for psychic protection and considering our boundaries with others. the medicine should be used only by folks not hoping to become pregnant, due to the presence of mugwort, and is recommended to be taken at night or during times of rest due to possible relaxing qualities.

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