witches bitters

witches bitters

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a witches bitters- a digestive bitters made with two strains of artemisia- coastal mugwort and wormwood. these plants are known for their use in witchcraft practices- they are native to both the pacific northwest and northwestern europe and have a very bitter flavor, but known for building intuition and lucid dreaming.

this bitters was designed at a super strong strengh- one dose is only 3-4 drops. Take it in water, or brave the bitterness and take it straight. Bitters are great for regulating digestion, and can support the digestive tract before meals, so taking this 5-10 minutes before eating is helpful. You can also use this as a nighttime or pre-meditation tonic, for building intuition.

If you are pregnant and/or nursing, use with caution. Do not exceed suggested dosage.

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