the empress: reproductive health ally

the empress: reproductive health ally

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the empress is a high feminine power, and feminine energy is healing and existing in all things. but these herbal allies specifically speak to the health and prosperity of bodies assigned as female, folks with wombs who have the capacity to procreate inside of themselves.

as a folk herbalist, i am commonly approached by people who are struggling with regularity, pain or discomfort with their menstrual cycles. the interesting thing is that many of the herbs that work to support us during menstrual pain, and even plants that can help bring on a period when we do not want to be pregnant, are the same herbs that can promote a healthy 28 day cycle and support conception.

proof that plants are ALLIES that help us to gain our highest needs and intentions when we work along side them.

the empress is a powerful tonic made with 80 proof vodka, containing super reproductive health allies red clover, ashwaganda, black cohosh, red raspberry leaf, lady’s mantle, angelica root, parsley and motherwort.

folks who hope to be pregnant should not use this tonic while trying to conceive. if someone is struggling to maintain a regular cycle, this can be taken daily to regulate, but once pregnancy is desired, this tonic should be tapered off.

the empress can also be taken to ease the painful symptoms of premenstrual syndrome- but again, only if the user has no hope of becoming pregnant.

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