sweet nettle syrup

sweet nettle syrup

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stinging nettles are an amazing tonic that can be taken everyday with many benefits such as immune support, increased energy, brain health, allergy reduction and anti-inflammation. Drinking a nettle infusion or taking it as a supplement for me, as greatly improved my quality of life.

However, it’s not always possible to make an infusion, so having this syrup/elixir/magic potion on hand is helpful. The combination of stringing nettles, mullein, horsetail, honeysuckle and orange makes this an amazing tonic for immune health, respiratory support, healthy skin & hair, allergies and overall wellness. A mixtured of nettle extracted in brandy, with mullein and horsetail for added immune/allergy support, vegetable glycerin infused with oranges and garden grown honeysuckle, and raw local honey.

take a few drops of this syrup straight, or add a dropper full to sparkling water for an herbal soda.

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