sun, moon & star medicine

sun, moon & star medicine

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Sun, Moon and Star tinctures for your moments of self care- helping you to balance the internal/external when healing trauma and working in communities.

THE SUN tincture if for finding our hearts deepest expression of love when we are out in the world, doing community work for healing others. It is primarily made of california poppy, so take no more than 5 drops if you are working and active when you feel called to take it. It also contains blue borage leaf, strawberry leaf and rose petals. it is made with 80 proof vodka and vegetable glycerin.

THE STAR- for times when we need to heal and invoke our own stories and narratives to heal our inner child and heal those in our closest circles. its detoxing properties prepare us to let go and move towards the greater good. it contains blue violet, elecampane root, burdock root, cornsilk and calendula, helping us to clear out and heal our organs.

THE MOON is for moments when we must sit with ourselves, and reserve our energies for our own healing. the moon is for when we must ask for help. its a soothing heart centered ally with lemon balm, hawthorne berry, skullcap, valerian root and motherwort in 80 proof vodka and vegetable glycerin. The moon is primarily a nervine tonic, so please limit to 10 drops if don’t want to be sleepy.

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