september specials <3

september specials <3

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three small batch herbal potions made in september and available while supplies last!

happy hearts herbal syrup- a blend of cinnamon, licorice root, lemon verbena, holy basil (tulsi), & hawthorn berry in vegetable glycerin for heart health & emotional support. alcohol free! take a dropper full as needed.

blue borage flower essence- borage flower essence is for supporting a heart in letting go of resentment and bitterness. a great flower essence for anyone wishing to connect with courage/heart strength being hindered by the inability to let go of old wounds/resentments. energetic medicine- take 1-3 drops daily. distilled water and brandy.

herbal hair healer- sweet almond oil infused with marshmallow leaf, fresh rosemary and cornflower petals with a few drops of tea tree and rosemary essential oils. Add a few drops to the palm of the hand and massage into hair for shine, strength and body, massage into scalp to encourage hair growth. Larger amounts (a full dropper or two) can be added to hair as a wash-out conditioner.

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