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no more negativity gem esssence mist

no more negativity gem esssence mist


gem essence can help us to connect back to the earth and rise up to our intentions. I became a believer in gem essence last year when i made my first batches of rose quartz and black tourmaline, and overnight the plate that the jars sat on cracked down the middle. There is no scientific explanation that i can think of- leading me to believe that it was from the force of the gem essence energy!

this essence is super potent, as it was infused multiple days under the sunlight and through the dark and new moon in scorpio, and then mixed with a second batch made on 11.11 (the day of manifestation)

witch hazel was added for it’s astringint properties, along with a bit of essential oil- rose, clary sage and tea tree.

this is a magic potion for psychic boundaries and keeping negativity away from us, so that we may do the work to be our best selves.

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