mugwort and magic

mugwort and magic


mugwort and magic is a mugwort based elixir. this bitter plant is known for its intuitive and lucid dreaming properties, and mixed with yarrow, another bitter flower, known for it’s support of the blood, has spiritual energetic properities.

mixed with a bit of vegetable glycerin, and garden mint, this elixir is sweetened to cut the bitter taste. Some datura flower essence, known for calling death to the parts of us we are ready to let go of, has been added along with the protection magic of smoky quartz gem essence.

These elements together make this a potent medicine for those wishing to tap into their intuitive selves. use with caution and limit dosage- especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Datura flower is known to be toxic when physically injested, but the added flower essence only holds the spiritual properties of this powerful flower, which grew in my own Joshua Tree yard.

this is energetic medicine, so take only 3-4 drops with intention to benefit fully from the magic of this medicine. taking more than that can bring on more of the effects, but might take us away from the ritual experience of this elixir.

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