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dreamy mugwort oil roller

dreamy mugwort oil roller


dreamy mugwort oil! mugwort is a plant known for its bitter, antiseptic, tension relieving, sweet dream inducing properties, and this mix of olive and sweet almond oil has been infused with both local wildcrafted mugwort and yarrow. the same herb blend, but more mild, as ‘sun,moon and star ritual oil’, it is scented with clove, orange, jasmine, cedar and rose essential oils, and includes a mugwort leaf and a piece of crystal quartz.

known as the healer of all crystals, the crystal quartz remains present to endlessly charge the oil, to clear your energy, to bring deep relaxation and build trust in your own heart.

for aromatherapy, add some to your wrists or temples when you need some relaxation and mugwort magical love.

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