Cinnamon Rose Love Elixir (non-alcoholic)

Cinnamon Rose Love Elixir (non-alcoholic)

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a non-alcoholic herbal elixir made with organic raw apple cider vinegar and honey!

ACV and a bit of honey infused with wild roses, rose hips and cinnamon has a load of health benefits and is so yummy and sweet! It’s considered a ‘love elixir’ because roses and cinnamon are both medicinally powerful heart health herbs, and in magical herbalism, and great herbs for self-love.

rose hips are full of vitamin C and great for reproductive health and easing symptoms of inflammation.

take about a teaspoon in water daily, or a few drops straight, and the effects of apple cider vinegar and the herbs will support your immune system, nervous system and adrenal glands- regular use of an oxymel has helped my energy levels and digestion a lot- i would recommend it to anyone!

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