chaparral and rose healing elixir

chaparral and rose healing elixir


flower essences are magical, intuitive ways to connect with plants and help us to embody some of their traits. My relocation to the high desert has deeply aquainted me with creosote- it’s bushes are everywhere. In springtime it’s bushes bloom bright yellow flowers like tiny stars- legend has it the essence of these flowers are good for using for awakening deep trauma and connecting us to our deep psychic abilities.

I created this flower essence on the full moon, and then preserved it in brandy & sweetened it with a red rose glycerite. together these two flowers work to support us in the deeper learning of ourselves, in the awakening of psychic portals.

flower essence as energetic medicine- take only 2-3 drops up to 3 times a day to see the shift inside of yourself. these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA- flower essences are not meant to treat or cure any disease.

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