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bad witches brew

bad witches brew

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the third installment in magical tinctures made with mezcal bought directly from its producers in Oaxaca. this one, the bad witches brew, is a delicious mix of mezcal infused with licorice root, and glycerin infused with orange peel and lemon balm. 

this tincture is medicinal, due to the presence of magical and powerful lemon balm, so it shouldn't be taken in large doses, but up to two droppers full at a time can add a sweet punch to your coffee or tea. licorice root boasts a long line of medicinal qualities including adrenal support, anti-inflammation, cough and cold supression and digestive support. Lemon balm also provides digestive support and relief from anxiety, restlessness and depression. 

so all ya'll bad witches can spike your beverage while healing yourself! 

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