plant witch apprenticeship


FALL 2019 // September 2nd - December 13th, 2019

The plant witch apprenticeship is a small program designed for 6-8 witches interested in herbalism, using plants for ritual, astrology, moon cycles, tarot, and more to expand their skills and find a supportive community while working on collaborative projects. The goal is to be able to utilize witchcraft skills mentioned above and combine and integrate them into your current work and practice. Participants will be self motivated, goal oriented, and contain a commitment to integrating anti-racist & anti-oppression frameworks into their spiritual practice.

Beginning on the waxing crescent moon in Virgo and ending on the full moon in Gemini, this course is self-directed and self-motivated and completion will rely on the apprentices ability to dig deep on their own process. I will be here to support you through this, through regular emails and tutorials, and a twice monthly group chat on the first quarter/third quarter moons to discuss our process in real time.

Apprentices will begin by setting one goal or identifying one project for the duration of the apprenticeship. Apprentices will ask for support in seeing this project through from Corinna and from the other apprentices. Past apprentices focused on developing their apothecary, beginning a professional tarot practice, and starting a blog.

Apprenticeship includes:

  • An average of 4-5 hours of work each week, depending on the week & the goals you set. “You get out of it what you put into it

  • An intensive exploration of full moon and new moon rituals

  • Participation (and possiblility of helping to create/facilitate) three new moon workshops

  • 7 live group chats to ask questions and discuss material with instructor + other participants

  • Option to trade herbal creations with other participants

  • Regular chatroom to share progress/ask questions of participants/instructor (platform TBD)

  • Direct support in developing tarot reading practice from instructor

  • Option to be paired with a tarot reader participant to deepen practice

  • Option to create content for monthly rise up! good witch ‘new moon’ ezine

  • Final creation of a collaborative zine

Rough schedule is as follows:

September 2nd - 6th - introductions and goal setting activities / group chat

September 9th - 13th - working with the full moon/preparing a full moon ritual

September 16th - 20th - herbal medicine making - tutorials on tinctures, oils & essences / group chat

September 23rd - 27th - new moon prep/ working with air elements/signs 

September 30th - October 4th - study week / group chat

October 7th - 11th - Making a tincture (alcohol based or oxymel) / making a full moon essence

October 14th - 18th - tarot storytelling workbook / major arcana / group chat

October 21st - 25th - new moon prep/ working with water elements / signs

October 28th - November 1st - study week / group chat

November 4th - 8th - tarot storytelling workbook / minor arcana 

November 11th - 15th working with fire elements / signs / group chat

November 18th - 22nd herbal medicine making - making an oil

November 25th - 29th - study week

Dec 2nd - 6th - working with earth elements / signs / group chat

December 9th - 13th creating a zine / wrap-up

December 16th- 20th - zine production and trades

It is expected that apprentices will be able to commit to the four whole months. There are three “study weeks” during the course of the apprenticeship that gives space for apprentices to catch up, or deepen their areas of study during this time.

Apprentices should:

have an interest in making herbal medicine

have the ability and desire to share their experiences through writing, photography or art

a willingness to collaborate an support others

a commitment to being anti-racist, gender-inclusive and avoiding cultural appropriation in their work.


“I cannot believe how fast 3 months flew by, I had such a wonderful time getting to work with you. This was the perfect kind of class setting for me as it was quite easy to fit in around my full time work schedule. This offering finally got me started on so many good projects that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about making my own plant medicines from you.” - Alyssa

“I loved being able to participate in the New Moon workshop. I loved trading with the participants. I thought it was all very community supportive. I didn’t really know what to expect but it was fun and a real growing experience. I appreciate your support and your encouragement. It came at a perfect time to push me to trust my self and step out bravely. I feel like the cost was worth it just for that—and I got so much more.” - Nan

Space is very limited- last time around there were 3 and this time I’m opening up space for 6. (with a possibility of two more if they are the right fit)

The cost when paid in full by 8/25: $555


4 monthly payments of $150 (due before the 1st of each month)

a deposit of $100 can be made to reserve your spot

*participants must also join the patreon at the $5 a month level

Interested, but can’t afford the payments? email for other options. Much of the content created during the apprenticeship will be shared on patreon so joining at as low as $5 a month will get you access to the content & allow you to participate independently.

Interested in participating?

email to reserve your spot or if you have any questions. Interested individuals can also book a one time 15 minute general consultation to ask more questions free of change when using the code PLANTWITCH at check out.