welcome to the rise up! good witch platform, thank you for your interest in my work.

my name is corinna rosella, & the ways i describe myself often change as I have the opportunity to know myself better in the context of the times we are living in.

i am a white, afab (assigned female at birth), queer, middle-aged, neurodivergent, disabled witch & community organizer living on unceded chemehuevi land known as the mojave desert.

i was born & raised on the coast of northern california, in a rural community, to middle/working class family. my ancestors came from meditarrian villages, pre-soviet mountains, british countrysides & islands in the nordic sea. my name 'rosella' is an ancestral namesake of my mother's father's grandmother.

i am a tarot reader & teacher, a folk herbalist, a harm reductionist, abolitionist, anarchist, applied anthropologist, flower essence practitioner, writer & podcast maker. i believe story telling, narrative practice, transformative justice, and radical vulnerability can change our world.

i am a capricorn sun/moon, libra rising, with venus, my ruling planet in aquarius. i believe in a radical world without corporations, prisons, policing, borders, gender binaries & wealth inequality. i believe in reparations. my work and perspective has been informed by 20 years of community organizing, a lifetime of coping with mental health struggles & learning disabilities, being in recovery from substance abuse & an eating disorder, surviving sexualized violence, working in the social service/non profit sector for more than 10 years, & doing my own shadow work around having perpetuated harm where & when i was unhealed.

to get in touch for any reason, you can email therisenwitch@gmail.com

Pictured in summer of 2020 meditating with a cow parsnip on ancestral wiyot land.