Corinna Rosella (she/her they/them) is a plant witch, anthropologist, storyteller and tarot reader originally from humboldt county, california, and currently living in joshua tree. she uses organic & garden grown herbs to make magical plant medicine, and uses nearly 10 years of in-depth tarot insight to tell folks stories about their barriers and setbacks.

Corinna knew she was a witch as a child, when she dreamt of other lifetimes and foraged yarrow and queen annes lace in the vacant lot behind her childhood home in mckinleyville, ca. her first memories were of pulling broccoli up from her dad’s garden. she made potions underneath the hawthorn tree in her yard. a highly sensitive child, she preferred to spend time making art, writing stories, and spending time in nature than with other children. as a teenager she became interested in all things occult, went to punk shows and made zines.

In 2000, at age 18, Corinna moved to Portland, Oregon and got involved in community organizing and further into zine-making. She worked in customer service and food service jobs, volunteered at a syringe exchange, lived in punk houses, hosted and promoted events and eventually began studying at Portland State University, where she got a B.A. in Community Development and Women’s studies in 2007.

After two years of working as a sex and relationship educator and mentor for at risk youth in a northern california public high school, in 2009, Corinna hit her Saturn Return, & picked up a tarot deck and started to learn to read them with hopes it would help her own struggles with depression, sexual trauma and an eating disorder. She spent the next year traveling in Latin America, working as an English teacher and giving tarot readings on the side. She returned to Portland for one year to work in youth advocacy and strengthened her tarot reading practice at events, and then moved to Oaxaca, Mexico to teach, where she stayed for two and a half years.

In 2015, Corinna moved back to Eureka, California to work in the health care system and acquire a masters degree in applied anthropology from Humboldt State University. In addition, after years of dreaming of a garden, she moved into a house with a big yard, and began growing vegetables and medicinal herbs. By the second season, she was growing more than 30 medicinal herbs, and started to make tinctures to share with friends. She started with lemon balm, but wanted to try making a blend. On one full moon, she harvested lavender, feverfew, chamomile, spearmint and catnip and made her first blend (in the shop as ‘'super moon blend”) Friends told her it was magical and encouraged her to sell them.

Much like in her Saturn Return, when she sought tarot to save her life, tough times befell her, and with graduate school and work at play, there was no time to stop and rest. She healed in her garden, and fell in love with making plant medicine. Friends still contacted her for tarot readings, and in 2017, she launched “rise up! good witch”, the tarot business she always wanted but never knew how to begin. Towards the end of the year, she lost her job, and soon after presented her thesis. Upon graduation, there was a strong, capricornian desire to look for work in social and qualitative research, but opportunities were slim, and her tarot and plant medicine practices grew. Soon, Corinna was reconnected with her childhood self under the hawthorn tree- all these experiences were only preparing her for her time spent with the earth, practicing magic.

now she combines her skills from all the transformative learning experiences in her life to offer tarot readings, create herbal remedies, produce podcasts and ezines.

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